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Coming Back!

2009-06-16 09:23:46 by Streakydesign

So time has passed and I graduated with a BT in Web Publishing. Now I have the time to work on reviews when i can. I am still busy with work, my comic, and helping out an art council..

But I will be back checking those reviews. So those who have missed me can now cheer.

p.s. Update 06/26
I will be updating my drawings and photographs to the art portal daliy so keep an eye out for them ^_^

Coming Back!


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2009-06-16 09:32:44

a review mod eh? So would it be ultra annoying if I point them out to you(abusive reviews) here or there? or do you welcome that sort of thing?

(Updated ) Streakydesign responds:

I welcome that sort of thing. Anything you see that violates the TOS you can report to me or another review mod and we can take care of the matter. Just remember to send us a link of the review, title, and username so we can find it. Many time people just pm us with reviews w/o a link or a user name and we are unable to correct the review.


2009-06-16 10:11:21

Ha, ha wow you have like my dream degrees.

Streakydesign responds:

I also have an Associate in Computer Programming.


2009-06-16 11:19:50

Haven't sen you here in ages, nice to see you come back. :)

Streakydesign responds:

Yah i've been so busy with work and all but hopefully i'll snag some more free time.


2009-07-17 07:34:58

Hey Streaky, how ya doin? hope things are well :). doin good here on the verizon side too lol