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2009-03-30 13:18:06 by Streakydesign

My return may take longer than May. I was recntly in a car accident and my hand fractured in two places. So right now i'm struggling with trying to find a job and complete my inturnship. In the meantime I have a cast and it'll be on forawhile so sadly until this reovers I won't be back till June or so. I want to come back and write reviews but I need to take care of my life and this hand. SO until then you can contact me via aim.


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2009-03-30 13:23:38

I am very sorry for what happened to you, I hope to continue to write reviews. ^ - ^

Streakydesign responds:

thankies :)


2009-03-30 14:54:51

get well soon : )

Streakydesign responds:

ty ty


2009-03-31 13:32:30

That sucks! get better!

Streakydesign responds:

ty ^_^


2009-04-07 20:40:12

i like wikipedia, because, you can type something into the search-bar, and most likely, you'll find something!..........yyyyeah!.........