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Taking Leave Until May 2009

2008-12-02 12:04:50 by Streakydesign

Sadly the time has come for me to say goodbye until summer of 2009. I am setting sail for my internship to finally end the chapter in my college career. Sadly due to loads of work I have to step back from leisure and start working towards a future job. Once that occurs I will be back in full force reviewing your comments on flash movies and chatting in the forums.

Until then I will pop up once in awhile to see what's going on and see how everyone is doing.
Bye bye until May of 2009.

And if you really miss me you can always hit me up on AIM or send an email.


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2009-01-16 20:45:29

Just a quick note I will be attending Digital Overload so maybe you'll see me there. I am planning to compete in the left 4 dead tournament unless it fills. Otherwise i'll be around.


2009-01-19 20:16:50

missss youuuu