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The World of Starcraft

2008-11-12 11:41:54 by Streakydesign

If you are a fan of Blizzard computer games then you may know about the rumors of the upcomming World of Starcraft. Supposedly rumors hit back in January of 2008. Fans of the much loved Starcraft game have been saying they wish they had an mmo of their own like warcraft has. The idea has lingered but still no news of it happening. I myself have wondered if Blizz can even find the time to get it up and running with WOW taking up much of their time. Although the information needed to run the game is already in World of Warcraft (as my bf has done research on the topic)

Never the less the question is if the game does come to market will WoW players make the switch. The ansewer ended up in a draw from asking friends and people around my campus for a small count. 50% said they would make the switch because they are tired of the game. They even see no point hitting the new 80 lvl in WOW as to they feel they have done every quest they could think of. Of course 50% also argued they could not make they switch and there have achievements they want to finish. Plus all their epic gear could be upgraded and they enjoy the PvP environment.

My personally view on the whole thing is I would liek to try starcraft but I don't want to play 2 MMO's i'd rather stick to one. So i'd play WoW until I grew tired of it then i'd make the jump to Starcraft.

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The World of Starcraft

Review of Spore

2008-10-14 16:22:06 by Streakydesign

Where do i begin....
Well the day Spore came out I was quite excited the game looked great after waiting a few years for it. The day it came out I went to my local Wal-Mart and purchased it and in time since I snagged the last copy they had at the time. As I put the disc in my machine I was amazed at the game until 15 minutes passed by and I was bored.

Basic objective of Spore is to evolve your creature, either make friends or kill off other species, you then take your creature through tribe stage where they do the same thing but they have weapons and they can fish (mine basically fished the whole way through the stage), then your creature has a city where they can ONCE AGAIN be friends and trade with others or GLOBAL DOMINATION! After you killed off every living thing or became friends with everyone you then get a space ship and you do the same thing......

The game has similar goals in each stage and some lovely bugs (i believe this 1 is fixed) for example your in space mode but you cant save until 3 hrs pass your so bored then you can save. I played it in total for a week then haven't touched it since. Also rumors have been made that Maxis will be making expansion packs for the game of course what could they possibly add to a game that really wasn't that interesting in the first place. I honestly feel like I'm playing a dumbed down version of the sims.

On the positive I like the fact you can customize anything although once you make something you have 1 choice and 1 choice only of what your home or factory will look like. I also like how you can name a ship whatever you want and planets you want your creatures to live on. I personally have 2 planets named Bill gates and Steve Jobs where my little guys have grown and hopefully will attack one another. Can you guess who will win? (I'm pushing mac mostly because i like their G5 even though it cost 8,000 without the monitor)

If your the kind of person entertained by games like Animal Crossing because running around in a circle is fun to you then this is the game for you. The game has potential but I'd rather play Pokemon on my ds or better yet Team Fortress Two.

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Review of Spore

As you've read the release date is set for early November World of Warcraft's Lich King is finally coming out. I look forward to this game after watching it's trailers for the past year. Blizzard really outdid themselves on the high end graphics used in the new trailer. I'm currently sucked into their gimmick and ready to make purchase.

For all the World of Warcraft players out there the new add ons will include the player cap at 80, new skills, new armor, and new weapons. That's not all though this will include a small new island with all new monsters (with old skins of previous monsters) and hopefully a clue to why Arthus was so pushed to be so evil. Also maybe the blood elves will be good and ....... well one can dream, the guys are rather cute coming from a girls perspective anyways, coming from a man they say they look rather wimpy.

Anywho this expansion pack look awesome and as a happy customer of blizz products i will be making this purchase.

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World of Warcraft - Wrath of the Lich King


2008-09-03 08:51:34 by Streakydesign

It's about time for Maxis to realese a new game not related to the sims although creation of the game has taken years in the making.

With this game you can tell it's had it's share of heavy graphics and coding since then if you saw the preview for the first game. A rough idea of the game if you haven't heard is that you start as a single cell organism that grows into this creature. You have a whole planet to yourself filled with other creatures your guys can eat to survive. As your world grows you have the option of moving to other plants to control them until your controlling 10+ planets.

It seems promising but only two issues came to mind before purchasing this game. Maxis is notorious for creating packages to "upgrade" the playing experience. Take for example the sims 2, in order to enjoy all the objects that are available you must buy all the expansion packs. In total there is over 20 of the damn things and say you download the game, 3 expansion packs, and 4 stuff packs but you found an older pack you would like to use. Well you buy it and install it which could cause a few bugs here or there OR uninstall everything and reinstall the games so they promise to function.

The second issue is that this game is heavy graphic and code oriented so you better hope your video card/ram and so on love you. Otherwise you will not beable to play and if you can and your graphics card is low you will lag. I've played the sims on my custom machine and I can just get away with a lag here and there. It doesn't happen much but it does happen.

Anyways I plan on buying the damn thing and trying it out after the rush. It looks promising but i'm not dropping any money into expansion packs if they come out, lol.


Back At College

2008-08-27 23:55:53 by Streakydesign

Gonna try to be around more often...
So if you nee me i'll be around.....

Also since there seems to be alot of people writing abusive reviews here's something to keep in mind as you watch and critique flash movies.

Try to stay away from CAPS.

If your going to write an abusive review keep if off unless you describe how the author can improve his movie.

Please stay away from spamming with links or other methods involving ..... and etc.

If the movie is stolen pm Wade or another member of the NewGrounds Staff. It's easier to take action if you just pm us.

Lastly don't write BLAM because that will lead to deleted comments and even bans from the site.

Please be considerate when you write a review otherwise proper action will be taken.

Back At College

Atten: Happy Clock Day

2008-08-16 09:39:45 by Streakydesign

Today has gotten off to a great start on account I forgot about clock day.
Anyways lots of work to be done and so little time to do it all in.

I will be checking reviews throughout the day
so better write something nice!
Or i'll perma ban your arse...

I swear today is the worst day for reviews out of the whole year at newgrounds, lol.

Atten: Happy Clock Day