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So it's been what like 9 months since I got hacked. Eh I can't remember honestly.... All I know is that since then i've been on the low plus addicted to World of Warcraft so I honestly had no reason to come back. Although since money is tight and I quit recently I figured it'd be a good tie to come back. I donno if I want to be a review mod right away though. After everything that happened I lost my yahoo account which I had had since I was 13. But I no longer use that account anymore so doesn't matter. So since the hacking what has StreakyDesign been up too?

I've been doing alot of growing up trying to find a job where I can pay my bills and live more comfortably... I'm still with my boyfriend and we had our 3 year anniversary which he remembered which is a first.. I'm sadly still stuck t home because i'm not making enough to move out just yet. As for the rest i've just quitting playing world of warcraft which it feels good not spending the whole day mining for ore, lol. I'm also seriously working on a new comic/manga. I tried emily and francis and btc but i got bored this idea though it's still top secret but it is something that interest me alot.

It'll hopefully be up on a site when i get the cash to get it up and running. I also need to touch base with a certain flash artist cause i'm thinking of putting it into flash which will also be a first. But thats the rough sketch for the moment. I'm really more concerned about making more money than the comic so it'll be a slow process.

And that's all I got. I guess all I got left now is that it's good to be back.

It Has Comeith Back...Hide Your Children...


2009-11-17 08:04:11 by Streakydesign

So I see I was hacked and all my email passwords where changed.... Lovely.
Ya know it makes me so sad to think a person who thinks doing shit to your profile and damaging it makes it so worth while for a laugh. Maybe it's because i'm a little older now and I can't see the humor in my account getting hacked. Maybe if I was a little younger like say 13 I would find more humor in it all.

Honestly I don't care and I think to those involved I pity you and will enjoy your sad future which will become of you working at a local gas station without a girlfriend or a life at that matter. It makes me mad that people like you live on this earth while people like my sister in law die at 27 from driving a car and then having a panic attack. Rot in Hell..

Onto other things I alerted Stamper of this issue and hope to have it addressed asap. In the meantime I have to go to work. If anything happens just report it to a mod or a NewGrounds Staff member.

As the weeks have passed I have received quite a few emails about abusive reviews and movies. Now I enjoy helping out weed the absuive reviews and movies keep in mind I can't do too much without a link to go by. If you could send me the movie name/ review title along with a link to go by it would make my job much easier.

As for other news I will be on and off due to my uncle recently passing away. I am currently away from home and trying to cope with that but I will try to help users out when I can.

Submitting Links to Abused Content

I'm Back

2009-08-02 18:19:24 by Streakydesign

I'm back and doing what I do best for a few hours a few times during the week.

Coming Back!

2009-06-16 09:23:46 by Streakydesign

So time has passed and I graduated with a BT in Web Publishing. Now I have the time to work on reviews when i can. I am still busy with work, my comic, and helping out an art council..

But I will be back checking those reviews. So those who have missed me can now cheer.

p.s. Update 06/26
I will be updating my drawings and photographs to the art portal daliy so keep an eye out for them ^_^

Coming Back!

Verizon Guy

2009-04-24 14:42:10 by Streakydesign

Hey thanks to the Verizon Guy who helped me get the internet back. You rock and should contact since yer like my new friend ^-^

Anywho sign up for a newgrounds account n i'll send ya my aim name ^-^


2009-03-30 13:18:06 by Streakydesign

My return may take longer than May. I was recntly in a car accident and my hand fractured in two places. So right now i'm struggling with trying to find a job and complete my inturnship. In the meantime I have a cast and it'll be on forawhile so sadly until this reovers I won't be back till June or so. I want to come back and write reviews but I need to take care of my life and this hand. SO until then you can contact me via aim.

Busy Bee

2009-03-13 11:09:32 by Streakydesign

So after Digital Overload and the ups and downs Tim Buckly made me realize that I could do what he does and make some decent cash in the process. I know i've said it for years but I really need to sit down and draw my ideas. My idea with The BTC is coming more together with hanging out with the guys and hearing all these great stories. I have been drawing here and there but I plan on buying some webspace to post my comics online. I finally have the tools to do it might as well. Who knows maybe this will be the start of a beautiful thing! Until then this is my last post till May so take care!

Busy Bee

Digital Overload 2009

2009-03-02 19:52:08 by Streakydesign

March 6th - 8th I will be at CAD's Digital Overload playing video games all day and night competing in the left 4 dead tourny! If your going and you'd like to say hello I will gladly say hi back. Most importantly though I have to try to win the left for dead tourny or Mindchamber and UberBarista will kick my butt. It'll be a blast!

Also update to my hiatus I will be returning back with voting on your reviews for flash movies late May because I will be completed with my internship and graduated form college. So for those awaiting my return it'll be nice to talk to you all again. Until then see ya!

Digital Overload 2009

Sadly the time has come for me to say goodbye until summer of 2009. I am setting sail for my internship to finally end the chapter in my college career. Sadly due to loads of work I have to step back from leisure and start working towards a future job. Once that occurs I will be back in full force reviewing your comments on flash movies and chatting in the forums.

Until then I will pop up once in awhile to see what's going on and see how everyone is doing.
Bye bye until May of 2009.

And if you really miss me you can always hit me up on AIM or send an email.