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2009-11-17 08:04:11 by Streakydesign

So I see I was hacked and all my email passwords where changed.... Lovely.
Ya know it makes me so sad to think a person who thinks doing shit to your profile and damaging it makes it so worth while for a laugh. Maybe it's because i'm a little older now and I can't see the humor in my account getting hacked. Maybe if I was a little younger like say 13 I would find more humor in it all.

Honestly I don't care and I think to those involved I pity you and will enjoy your sad future which will become of you working at a local gas station without a girlfriend or a life at that matter. It makes me mad that people like you live on this earth while people like my sister in law die at 27 from driving a car and then having a panic attack. Rot in Hell..

Onto other things I alerted Stamper of this issue and hope to have it addressed asap. In the meantime I have to go to work. If anything happens just report it to a mod or a NewGrounds Staff member.


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2009-11-17 08:25:49


Streakydesign responds:

it's honestly not that funny.


2009-11-17 10:30:25

That's just frustratingly annoying. And illegal. I don't get why people would go out of their way to fuck with someone they don't know. It seems pointless to me.


2009-11-18 00:00:01

In case you haven't noticed, it was Crebzoid. There were multiple threads about this in the summer, but naturally you probably haven't seen them because you likely don't frequent the BBS often.


2009-11-18 03:46:40

It's nice to see you got your account back. Crebbz doesn't realize what life really is, unlike the rest of us. I only wish for swift and decisive justice to come to him, he has earned it.